Saturday, June 11, 2011

Recent news

Trying to develop a green thumb is hard work. I keep killing all my plants. Rob keeps reminding me to water, otherwise it would be a desert around here if it were up to me. But I keep trying. He does a good job watering. He also keeps reminding me to take my medicines. I added a new one at the last visit. Hopefully losing some weight will help me take less medicine. The kids are enjoying the summer, but my boys seem to think that it should be video game central. I don't agree. They are excited about swimming lessons, Peter is nervous because he will have to get his face wet. They will love it!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Well, a lot has happened recently. Turns out I do not have Meniere's Disease, which is a good thing. The problem is actually my thyroid gland is producing way to much thyroid hormone. So much, in fact, that the specialist rushed me into an August appointment when I was expecting a November appointment. However, I am glad to be taking care of it and I am starting to feel better, not 100%, but better. All these medical expenses have put a dent in our wallet, so I have actually started working. I am a part time aide at the elementary school, and I am also the cheerleading coach at the high school. It has been crazy and hectic, but it is fun. Hopefully I will figure out what I am doing soon at both jobs!
Rob is working a lot. Right now he has early morning Driver's Ed classes, his college classes one night a week, baseball practices and games, and driving for Driver's Ed. We will both be relieved to have a little break during basketball season.
The kids are loving school. They really like their teachers and are doing well in their classes. So life in general is really good, but really crazy.

Friday, July 16, 2010

So, it has been a long time again. Sorry. The kids and I have been in Castle Dale doing swim lessons for a while. It has been amazing to see them change. Both the older two were terrified at the start and now we can't keep them out of the water. Even my terrified little girl is now going under the water on her own (big change from the tears about getting her face wet five days ago). Peter still hates to get his face wet, but he loves to be in the pool. They have a great pool here and the kids love it! In fact, Robbie and Belle are going to do another round of swimming lessons. We don't want to see that good progress go to waste.

It's been a busy month for us. We moved to a different house in Green River and are enjoying it. We miss our old place but love the huge yard at our new one. Of course, the house is still full of boxes (and probably will be for several months:( ).

I am seeing a specialist to figure out what is wrong with my head. After an MRI and a VNG (a really not fun balance test that involves squirting hot and cold water into your ear), we still don't know what is wrong. According the doctor who did the VNG, it doesn't look like classic Meniere's. So we are still searching. I have to do some blood work and then we will see what all the results show. We are trying to see if it is a sinus infection, but so far all that is happening is the antibiotic is wreaking havoc on my tummy. Still have to take a few more days, so hopefully it will take effect soon.

Rob is trying to get ready for school. He will be teaching an early morning driver's ed class now, so he is trying to get ready for that. The kids are just enjoying the summer. Peter and Robbie are video game heads. Belle bounces from project to project. I am trying desperately to battle vertigo and get the house in order. The summer has gone way too fast!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

About 2 weeks ago we were lucky enough to have the Latter-day Celebration Choir from UVU institute come down and perform here in Green River. We are quite out of the way, so it was really neat. I was nervous about how the kids would do, so we tried to hide in the back, but the director invited us up to the front row and then got on the mike and asked other kids to fill in the front rows. I was nervous, but I ended up being amazed! Robbie was absolutely enthralled! The singers winked and waved and smiled at the kids and during one song they put a hat on Robbie's head. Needless to say, we had to buy a cd and it is Robbie's new favorite. He wants to listen all the time. Belle and Peter seemed to enjoy it although Belle was having an "I need to be the baby and sit on mom's lap" day and Peter got jealous, so between the two of them I got quite a workout. It was an amazing performance, and I was so glad we went! Even Rob ended up appreciating it although he didn't want to go out--he is a homebody. This singers were amazing and their testimonies and the spirit were so strong.

In other news, I got a new calling about a month ago. I am the new primary chorister. I am enjoying it, but it is way out of my comfort zone. The kids are all really good, but for some reason my two don't want to sing very often.

Also, we are starting potty training. We got Peter a Lightning McQueen toilet of his own and he is actually showing more interest in potty training. Before he said, I don't want to wear underwear, mom. Now he likes to go and sit on his new seat! Hopefully this boy doesn't take two years to get trained!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I am trying to be better at blogging once in a while. Here's what's new.

Peter is loving life at home alone with Mom. His favorite thing to do is play video games.

Belle loves school. She loves to be there and play and her favorite thing is recess.

Robbie's new thing is his glasses. He absolutely loves them! Now we are trying to get him to leave them the way they are supposed to be instead of wearing the earpieces around his chin and other fun inventive ways to wear them.

Rob is still incredibly busy. Golf state is this week and he has 6 players going. He is pretty excited. School is keeping him really busy.

As for me, I guess it is also new that we have discovered I have Meniere's disease. This is an imbalance in the fluid in my inner ear. So once in a while I get vertigo and then motion sickness. It's kind of a pain. We found out a couple of months ago and have been trying to get things worked out and as of right now things are going pretty good. I have a new medicine that helps the pressure in my ear and I have my motion sickness pill. I'm also learning a little better when I have to lay down and rest. Rob is not appreciating the extra work that this brings him, but he is being really good about it anyway. It's nice to not be sick all the time, either.

We are all looking forward to the end of school. It will be nice to have a break for a little while, although there is always plenty to keep us busy. That's it for now. I'm making progress, at least it hasn't been months since I wrote last!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Well, it has been forever. It is now April and our last post was last July. Life is good. We now have another child with glasses. Robbie just got some because he is severely near sighted. He is thrilled. Life continues as always. Rob is always busy and my kids keep me running. That's all for now. I will try to check in more than every nine months or so.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Yes, we are still here!

Okay, so it has been a really long time since we have updated. I don't have any excuses, just crazy normal life. So here I am actually writing on the blog in order to appease Rob. We have had a crazy summer. Rob is still working on classes with Utah State and spent most of the summer in the school working on assignments. Then we did some traveling and had some fun. So we have stayed busy.

Our biggest news is that our little Belle got her appendix out this past week. It was kind of scary. She threw up all night long and when I took her to the medical center because she had a fever, too. They pressed her tummy and she flinched and they sent us to the hospital. Everyone was so nice to her. They gave her a pink bear with an orange bow, and she named it "Bow." She got to take it into surgery and take it home. The surgery went well, late in the evening, though. The surgeon said she had had appendicitis for two days! because her appendix was big and "juicy." They took her to her room and Rob and I spent the night with her, and she kept begging to go home. The next day she felt a tiny bit better but was still in a lot of pain. The doctor said he could keep her an extra day for some extra antibiotics. That afternoon they changed her pain medication and she got to sleep. By evening she was feeling lots better and was showing off for the nurses. She wanted me to spend the night, and she told Rob she wanted him to spend the night only if he didn't snore. He went to stay with my parents, who were watching the boys.

Belle is glad to be home but is not enjoying the restrictions on activity and having to take the medicine. We feel like we were really blessed. Things could have been worse, but everything went so smoothly and Rob's and my parents were so helpful and supportive. The boys really missed their sister and she missed them. Robbie made her a get-well card and they came to visit her in the hospital and were sure excited to see her again.

Anyway, life is good. Things are hopefully settling down a little. Rob starts baseball practice today (he is the assistant), so the summer is over for us. Hopefully the school year is less eventful.